Artist Relocation Program

An interesting way to promote the economic redevelopment of an older city is to create an artist relocation program.  The City of Paducah has one of the oldest and most successful programs, summarized on the web site below:

The following is a possible program that a city could implement. Please feel free to use it for your program.

Our city is looking for a few good artists. The city is developing an Artist Relocation Program. We want artists to move into our great community, and help us redevelop our new avante garde neighborhoods near our thriving downtown. We want quality artists everywhere, creating a lovely dynamic creative neighborhood designed by artists for artists.

We have some great redeveloping neighborhoods where an artist can find a work-live loft at an affordable cost. We have programs that provide help for artists to purchase and rehabilitate old warehouses. And we have developers who are rehabbing space designed to house artist studios and residences.

Take a look at:

All our programs


Renaissance Park


Outdoor Sculpture

Home buying assistance

Affordable Homes

Great Rentals


Check out the Sioux Falls, South Dakota Sculpture program at:

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