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Economic Development in Germany

We are traveling in Europe, using Space Available military aircraft - I am a retired Marine Colonel.

Germany looks good - even with the economic downturn.

Great investments in Green technology.

The Air Base at Ramstein is an amazing place - you walk off the aircraft into the terminal, with quarters and a very large Base Exchange across the street.  Looks like something out of the Jetsons. Great design.

Lots of young servicemen and women going into and out of the Gulf for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our prayers go with them.

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Interesting article about video chat with complete strangers - Chatroulette.

What will they think of next?

State Sen. Dave Koehler, State Rep. Jehan Gordon and Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis have recently organized several community forums to address quality of life issues in the area. At the last meeting, the South Side of Peoria was selected as an area of the city for a community project. Project ideas were obtained from the community at Saturday’s forum, which the planning committee will finalize into a work plan for the next steps. In addition, a new project entitled “Celebrating Our Community” will celebrate families and individuals each quarter who make a difference in the community. 

To nominate someone, visit the City of Peoria website at, and click on “Celebrating Our Community.” Nominations are due by April 20th.