Migrant Workers Cars

I thought the photo above was interesting. The photo shows the cars of workers in the fields near Point Magu, Ventura County, California. They look pretty modern.  

I worked for a short time with migrant workers on the east coast in 1966. No one owned a car then - they were transported to and from jobs by an entrepreneur who owned an old school bus.  So we have made some economic progress over the past 40 plus years.


Timeless China - Fisherman in the River

Fisherman in the River Surrounded by New Upscale Development

The pace of new development in China is incredible.

Urban renewal is underway everywhere 
in the prosperous cities of eastern China. 

Most of the new development is near efficient public transit. 

New developments are very well lanscaped. 

More Photos and Info about our recent Chamber of Commerce China Trip

Great News -Warehouse District - Major Announcement

Great News

Urban Village in Peoria

By Eric Shangraw
October 19, 2010
Peoria leaders unveiled their aggressive vision for the city's Warehouse District today.
The three-year old plan is becoming reality now that the city has ten million dollars from the Federal Government to get it going.

Eric Shangraw reports on the start of Peoria's new urban village.

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Interesting Article on Chuck Eckenstahler's Blog

Interesting Article on Chuck Eckenstahler's Blog

Good Scoop on:

Chief Strategist for a City

Chief Strategist
City of San Jose

Kim Walesh oversees strategic planning, partnerships, and innovations for the City of San Jose—the Capital of Silicon Valley and nation’s 10th largest city.

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We Made it Back From China. Very Interesting

We rode the Mag-Lev High Speed Train to the Airport. 431 Kilometers per hour


No seat belts. As we sped through 300 KMH, it occured to me to worry about what kept the thing on the tracks. Too Late!!! Fortunately it stayed on the tracks.

The Great Wall

We Made it Back From China. Very Interesting

Fhotos of our Trip at:

Interesting Scoop from Planetcitizen

Planetcitizen is a Great Resource for Interesting Scoop

Bike-Powered Monorail Gets Google Grant
Sep 28, 2010 -- Popular Science
The Shweeb is a person-powered monorail that currently only exists as an amusement park attraction in New Zealand. But with a $1 million Google grant, the creator may yet see his dream of a commuter Shweeb system. 

Could Classic Hill Towns Be a Model for Town Planning?
Sep 27, 2010 -- myurbanist
In classic hill towns, people showed innovation and dynamic placemaking--lessons learned for urbanism in the new century, says Chuck Wolfe.

Are One-Way Streets Really Necessary?
Sep 28, 2010 -- re:place Magazine
One-way streets are a relatively new phemenon and encourage drivers to drive faster, says John Calimente. He argues it's time to convert Vancouver's one-ways back to their two-way pasts. 

Troubled Times for Sun Belt Cities
Sep 28, 2010 -- Next American City
Recent figures from the U.S. Census Bureau show that poverty is at a high point in America. Hit especially hard is the Sun Belt.

Starchitecture Eroding
Sep 28, 2010 -- The Wall St. Journal
Eric Felton writes that buyers of splashy, starchitect-designed buildings are finding all too often that innovation in form leads to unforeseen structural problems. 

Renegade Pothole-Fillers
Sep 27, 2010 -- The Portland Tribune
In Portland, a group called "Potholes for Poverty" promises, for a charitable donation, to come by your beat-up street and fill in the offending rut. The City of Portland is not pleased. 

Grocery Chains Caught Faking Farmers Markets
Sep 28, 2010 -- Grist
The farmers market trend has gotten so popular that West Coast chain Safeway tried setting up some stands of fruits and veggies outside their store with a sign saying "Farmers Market". Locals called them on it. 

How "Arrival Cities" Are Shaping the Future
Sep 27, 2010 -- The Globe and Mail
In his new book, Arrival City, Doug Saunder explores how cities can ease the planet's "final migration" by creating "arrival" neighborhoods that allow newcomers to make connections with each other, their home villages and especially their new cities.