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Home Values Drop

Home values in America continue to drop according to

Zillow estimates home values from October 2009 to October 2010.

But values vary widely in different metro areas.

Nation declined by 5%, average value 178,100

Chicago declined by 8%, average value 200,600

Tampa Bay declined by 9.2%, average value 114,500

San Diego increased by 2.3%, average value 363,800

The American Economy

Proceed with caution

America’s economy looks set for a good year. But investors should beware the treacherous path beyond 2011 

The American economy

Dec 29th 2010

THE American stock market enters 2011 in a jolly mood. In the past four months it has leapt by 20%, to heights last enjoyed when Lehman Brothers was a going concern. Investors are likely to cheer a second consecutive year of double-digit returns.

This partly reflects growth elsewhere: American companies make a third of their profits outside the United States. But the most recent spurt has been driven by a sharp change in the outlook at home. At the end of the summer Wall Street worried that growth was grinding to a halt. 

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Job Loss

Jobs Jump Off a Cliff in the Nation’s Major Metro Areas

With the November unemployment rate up to 9.8 percent (up from 9.6 percent in October) and job growth down to only 39,000 (down from October’s 172,000), thenational jobs picture is dismal, dashing hopes that a labor market recovery is imminent. The picture in the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas as of the third quarter of this year (ending in September) is equally bleak, as the latest BrookingsMetroMonitor shows. 
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The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) is an excellent resource for economic development. 

Click on the link below for information about the IEDC.

The US is now the world leader in wind generated electric power, according to Wikapedia. We get about 2% of our electricity from wind now. They project that wind will generate 20% of our electricity by 2030.

This substantial increase is the result of a public private partnership of industry and government. Read the rest of the article at:

Another good article about energy in Wikapedia below:

My Birthday

Thank you all for your kind notes on my birthday Dec 1.

Notes from my parents on my 63rd birthday below. This of course has nothing to do with economic development and city planning, but I included it because my Dad's comments were pretty funny. The photo is of me in Marine Corps bootcamp, which well illustrates my forehead at 19 years of age. It also has nothing to do with economic development, but is also humorous.
Dec 1, 2010 Clif Hullinger wrote:

Happy 63rd birthday, Craig

The years do go by!  I vividly remember the first one.  You had made a long slow entrance into this existence and your forehead had been pushed back till it seemed like it was even with your eyebrows and your head pointed up and back.  I would have refused delivery if it had been an option and I went back to the barracks one sick puppy.  What a relief when Wayne Gray made a comment about head shapes on newborns.  The next day I saw a decided improvement and after 2 or 3 days, I decided it was good enough to keep!!   

Dad Here

Here I  am, your mother, and I don't remember anything like that! Probably because I knew anything born to Clif and I would be absolutely perfect. How many years have gone by since that fateful December day? We thought it was a shame that your birthday had to be so close to Christmas, because it might affect how many C gifts you would receive. (Such selfish thoughts.) Then Scott came along and he was born even closer to Christmas (Dec. 12)
Anyhow you have always made us proud. Keep on. 

My bootcamp photo illustrates my forehead at 19, which may have been close to my appearance at birth. My current look is again approaching that look. What comes around goes around. Beginning, middle, end.

Born Again.