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 MoDOT - Diverging Diamond Interchange

Westlake Shopping Center Renovation

OSF St. Francis 3D Campus Map
inVISION Studio's completion of OSF St. Francis Medical Center's new on-line dynamic campus map has revolutionized the way visitors find their way to around the complex campus facility. Following a recent multi-million dollar expansion, OSF was in need of an updated campus map. inVISION Studios, known in the architectural and engineering field for their highly detailed and realistic visualization media was contracted to meet that need. Our solution was to provide a revolutionary map that would visually communicate directional information in a way not possible with color coded shapes of the building's foot prints or even with perspective drawings of the campus. Instead we created a photo-realistic three dimensional model that represented the campus the way that we see it in real life and we gave the on-line viewers the ability to rotate that model and study it from any direction. When requested, the route information to the new parking structure and new main entrance is depicted visually, immediately understood and retained in the viewer's visual memory for later use in finding their way once they arrive on campus.

MoDOT - Diverging Diamond Interchange

Westlake Shopping Center Facelift
Westlake Shopping Center owned and managed by Cohen Development has been an on-going project for inVISION Studios since 2003. Originally built in the 1970s, this shopping center has undergone an incredible facelift. Originally contracted to produce photo-enhanced images for a canopy removal study, inVISION's president Thomas Waldschmidt eventual took on the role of architectural designer and has worked with the developer on nearly every aspect of the exterior design. Visualization production over the last several years has included digital landscaping and lighting studies. Facade design scenarios for each and every tenant space has been digitally represented for presentation to both potential tenants as well as zoning authorities. New way-finding signs and pylon sign studies have been created in 3D to study the visual feasibility at various locations. Interior spaces have been conceptually designed and presented in detailed renderings and QuickTime VR applications allowing the developers and their potential tenants to explore various flood plan layouts.

Dear Colleagues,

Now in our 13th year in business, we have continually been blessed with opportunities to work with and assist our valued clients and friends despite this unfortunate state of the economy. In the past, simple word of mouth and the production of an exceptional product has been more than enough to keep us thriving. However, this success has also kept us from adequately showcasing the work that we have done and acknowledging the clients that we have served. Before we get too busy, and I know we will again, I'd like to make a concerted effort to initiate the publication of a company e-portfolio. The contents of this publication will highlight projects from a variety of industries that we have had the pleasure of doing business in. In the coming issues, I intend to provide content that is relevant to each of your interests and will hopefully spark some ideas of how we can assist you in a similar manner.
Thank you for taking the time to review our work, and please don't hesitate to contact me if we can be of assistance.

Best wishes,
Thomas Waldschmidt
President, inVISION Studios Inc.

MoDOT - Diverging Diamond Interchange 

Diverging Diamond Interchange
Missouri Department of Transportation's first in the US diverging diamond interchange was being planned for the intersection of I-44 and Rte 13 in Springfield, MO. Prior to construction, MoDOT contacted inVISION Studios to produce a public relations video that would visually explain the unique traffic flow concept to the public. With only 2 1/2 weeks to complete the task, inVISION translated traffic data from MoDOT's VISSIM traffic model through a proprietary application and integrated it into a detailed site model complete with synchronized traffic lights and moving pedestrians in the crosswalks.

"Invsion Studios was hired through CBB (Crawford, bunte, Brammeier) and completed the 3D animation model for the diverging diamond interchange located at Route 13 and I-44 in Springfield, MO. The model had to be completed within 3 weeks after the MOU contract was signed. Invsion Studios was given an extremely tight deadline and completed the work with outstanding results. Their work has been highly complemented by people who watch the animation. I highly recommend them for any animation work you need to have done. To view their work for the Route 13 and I-44 project, visit the MoDOT web page for the Springfield district or to see other samples of their work, visit their web site at I have not seen a better animation/simulation model for roadway work completed. Invision Studios was very reasonably priced and they worked many late nights to get the animation completed. Working with Tom Waldschmidt was outstanding. He was available at all times, including late evenings and weekends and I was able to get a hold of him at any time. Invision Studios went way beyond what most businesses would do to
complete this type of model."

Don Saiko, MoDOT - Dist. 8, Project Manager

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