Air Force KC-135 refueling a jet fighter. This is the plane we are flying on.

Completing our two week tour of the United Kingdom.  Nice place, but there are a lot of dangerous people driving / flying on the wrong side of the street.

And we met a lot of fine young servicemen and women, heading to and from the Gulf.  We pray they stay safe. 

Tomorrow or the next day we fly Military Space Available to some other place.

Space A is in military planes. As a military retiree, we can fly on military airplanes but are the lowest priority - Active servicemen are first, then their dependents, then us old guys, so you are never sure of a ride.

Airplanes include all the large planes the Air Force flies. Our first ride was on a KC-135 tanker, which is like a 707. Loud and alternately cold or hot, but pretty comfortable.

Possible choices tomorrow and the next day include:

Tampa Bay





North Dakota





Washington State

Will let you know which one we get on after we get approved for the flight

Photos Below:

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