Sarasota EDC Business Climate Survey

      Not the greatest news from the Sarasota EDC Business Climate Survey. But I admire their courage in publishing the results.

EDC shares results of Business Climate Survey in Sarasota County 

A survey of business owners/managers in Sarasota County showed that dissatisfaction with the overall business climate is at an all-time high, growing to 84% in 2010 from 76% in 2008. The EDC commissioned the survey and presented the results today to the Sarasota County Board of County Commissioners.

"Businesses are continuing to struggle with the condition of the economy and finding more work," Baylis said. "There is some indication that we may have seen the worst, however, as fewer respondents thought the overall business climate was worse than two years ago. The change is small, but the trend is moving in the right direction." The top five business climate issues identified in the 2010 survey were:

. Affordability/cost of living (e.g. housing)
. Direct costs (e.g. cost of labor, energy costs and renting space)
. Taxes (e.g. income and property taxes)
. Workforce (e.g. availability and quality)
. Financing/insurance availability (e.g. commercial property insurance) 

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