Looking For Work

Our economy is in tough shape, with a large number of people out of work.  I like to help people find work - and I spent a fair amount of time early in my career looking for work.  

Searching for jobs is depressing and difficult. But keep banging away. You will find another job. Here are some guidelines that I think work.

Things to do:

Work as hard at getting the new job as you did at your old job – or harder

Post your resume on – it is a good resource

Write on blogs on topics that are of interest to prospective employers

Get on Twitter – job oriented efforts

Post your resume to a blog - easy and shows you are "high tech"   - example - my blogs

Set yourself up as a consultant – it is an effective way to look for a job

Cold Call – This is hard, but necessary.  Don’t just send your resume – send yourself

Network Network Network

Set up a little one person consulting firm doing what you know how to do.  This lets you cold call - you visit your targeted company proposing to do a little sideline work for them - can work into a full time job.

Call on prospective employers

You can do some pro bono volunteer work to keep yourself in the game

Read some books about finding jobs

Don’t give up – this too shall pass

I know most about jobs for city managers, planners and economic development specialists.  Here are a few links that list some jobs.

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